Heytesbury Guyana Diamond Distillery Cask Rum

46.00% ABV

The Rum drinker's Rum
Introducing the first release from the Heytesbury Rum Collection. This is a 2003 Distilled Guyana Demerara Rum from the Diamond Distillery matured in Bourbon Casks for 15 years by the one of the best finishers from Ireland. The archipelago and coast of the exotic Caribbean and Latin America have produced some of the most exquisite Rums.

The Heytesbury Rum Collection has sourced special casks of Rum from these locales and bottled the intriguing flavour therein as The Heytesbury Rum Collection of Single Cask releases.

Eunan Ryan, born to the drinks and vintners trade, decades in business, has added rum to his passionate interest in spirits, through The Heytesbury Rum Collection. His knowledge and tradition of over 5 generations of whiskey maturation has lead to this exceptional Rum Collection.



Tasting notes

Nose: Gorgeous. Thick Canadian maple syrup, old refined oak and deep brown wood sugars hand in hand. Subtle yet rich, dry herbs and dense sugars all at once.
Taste: Coffee grounds, old house, an impressive mix of dark brown sugar turned thick syrup and complex mocha tinted spice but still thickly layered in dark rich syrup - subtle, bewildering.