Voulez Sparkling

Voulez Sparkling


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Very attractive aromas and flavors of tropical fruit punch and grapefruit sorbet with lightly effervescent fruity sweet medium-to-full body and a long, tangy mouthwatering citrus, pepper and mineral accented finish. 

The superfruit: Intriguing and exotic taste, and potential health benefits, as mangosteen is one of the highest antioxidants’ containing fruit on earth, with acerola having very high concentration of Vitamin C.

Voulez Sparkling

Voulez Sparkling

  • Ultra premium French vodka & mangosteen, mingling with red guava, acerola and naseberry.
  • Rich cloudy electric pink color.
  • More Accessible than champagne and more distinguished than traditional sparkling wines.
  • Rated 94 points by The Beverage Tasting Institute.
Perfect serve
To experience the full character of Voulez, serve over ice. 
Signature drink
Ruby Dutchess
  • 1 part of pomegranate juice
  • 2 parts Voulez Sparkling
Pour one part of pomegranate juice in a cocktail glass. Pour two parts of Voulez Sparkling. Serve chill with some ice.

To serve Ruby Dutchess rightly, it should be presented in a right glass.
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