What about MAS?

MAS Wines & Spirits is about:

  • Extraordinary Partnerships: are open, honest, long term, equal, mutually profitable and enjoyable.
  • Owned Route to Market is about being able to control and manage the development of a brand in a market
  • Perfect Serve: is our commitment to deliver the highest quality service and systems.
  • Desired Portfolio: a portfolio that is made up of desired and compelling brands.
  • We have a global coverage with more than 50 markets across all continents.
  • We have 6 regional representatives as a single point of contact.
  • We operate as a buy and sell operation from our own warehouses.
  • We offer lower order thresholds for customers, mixed pallet options, local stickering, packaging etc.
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Wines & Spirits

Ph: +31 20 845 84 70
Fax: +31 84 877 81 87

Habraken 2154
The Netherlands